For vibration testing COSINE is offering access to its TV 5220-C shaker from TIRA GmbH. Since the armature is ceramic, its first resonance lies beyond 19 kHz, allowing for a very broad 0-20kHz testing frequency range. Furthermore, this shaker is capable of delivering sufficient acceleration for qualification testing of various launch vehicles such as Ariane 6, Long March 2D and Vega. Figure 1 shows the shaker and some additional specifications are available in Table 1.

Figure1: TV 5220-C shaker from TIRA.

Table 1: TV 5220-C shaker specifications.

Rated peak force (N) Sine/Random 1000/650
Frequency range (Hz)   DC-20000
Main resonance frequency (Hz)   >19000
Max. displacement (mm) Peak-Peak   25.4
Max. velocity (m/s)  Sine/Random  1.5/1.5
Max. acceleration (g)  Sine/Random  66/43
Effective moving mass (kg)   1.5
Weight with trunnion (kg)   110
Armature diameter (mm)   139

Control Electronics
The electronics consist of a power amplifier BAA 1000-ET from TIRA GmbH, and the Spider 81B
controller used for autonomous real-time control of the shaker through a pilot accelerometer.
Moreover additional accelerometers can be attached to the device under test for monitoring its
response through a National Instruments PXI hardware platform and the LabVIEW software.

Overall, the set-up provides the capability to perform sine sweeps, random vibrations and resonance
searches through a standalone, standard, flexible and expandable solution allowing for synchronous
accelerometers data acquisition as well as easily customizable real-time data presentation and